Windows Log Forwarding: NXLog (Syslog) for Windows

Purpose: The following instructions were created as a rudimentary guide to help BSD departments configure NXLog for Windows servers.

Scope: These instructions are intended to be used by BSD Departmental systems and servers. Depending on your servers’ current configuration, these instructions may not work properly. In those cases, please contact your local IT administrator for further support. Note: Windows users can also use the BSD-NXlog software install policy


    1. To forward logs from a Windows Server machine to our Syslog server, you need to download and install NXLog.
    2. Click here to download NXLog.
    3. Open the downloaded installer and follow the instructions. By default, it should be installed in ‘C:Program Files (x86)nxlog’
    4. Download this config file: nxlog.conf (Click here for the old version)
    5. Copy the downloaded config file to your local server’s ‘C:Program Files (x86)nxlogconf’ directory.
    6. After copying the nxlog.conf to its proper location, you must now restart the NXLog service.
    7. Click Start, click in the Start Search box, type services.msc, and then press Enter.
    8. When the services console opens, scroll down until you see the nxlog service.
    9. Right click the nxlog service and select Restart from the drop-down menu.