BSD VPN Participation

*** BSD VPN access will be turned off on 3/1/22. Please use cVPN instead. ***

This table indicates who is participating in the BSD VPN. If your department is listed as unknown please consult with your local IT administrator for further details.

If you have any further questions please contact us at

Note: Departments listed as “Not Applicable” have separate Active Directory systems. If you are an employee of any of these departments, please continue using current remote access mechanism.

BSD VPN Participation by Department
Depart Name Using BSD VPN OUA Last Name OUA First Name Phone Email Notes
Academic and Administrative Applications Yes Ranganathan Dipti 773-702-4767
Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Unknown Woods Velvet 773-702-7674
Anesthesia and Critical Care No Boze Jason 773-834-8929
Animal Resources Center Unknown Mathiue Carol 773-834-3648
Ben May Department for Cancer Research Yes Landek Ryan 773-834-5874
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unknown Landek Ryan 773-834-5874


BSD Dean’s Office Unknown Crawford Maurice 773-834-2123
Center for Global Health Unknown
Center for Health and the Social Sciences Unknown Cohen Ellen (773) 834-7449
Center for Research Informatics Yes Axelsson Thorbjorn 773-834-0458
Chicago Biomedicine Information Services Unknown
Chief Research Informatics Office Unknown
Committee on Evolutionary Biology Unknown
Comprehensive Cancer Center Yes List Marcy (773) 795-5972
Corporate Compliance Unknown
Department of Medicine Unknown Marchevsky Max 773-834-2317
Ecology and Evolution Unknown Garnett Kirk 773-702-5135
Facilities, Design and Construction Unknown
Family Medicine Yes PHS Help 773-702-1850 On Request only
Friend and Family Health Center Yes Wilson Tamarrie
On Request only
Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Unknown
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Unknown
Human Genetics Unknown
Human Immunologic Monitoring Unknown Mathiue Carol 773-834-3648
Institute for Biophysical Dynamics Unknown
Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology Unknown Rust Michael 773-834-0525
Institute for Translational Medicine Unknown
Medical Education Unknown
Medical Sciences Training Program Unknown
Medicine and Biological Sciences Development No Cain Bob 773-702-4838 Planning for Aug 2016
Microbiology Unknown Landek Ryan 773-834-5874
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Yes MGCB Help 773-834-0172 On Request only
Neurobiology Unknown
Neurology No
Obstetrics and Gynecology Yes On Request only
Office for Clinical Research Yes Crist Ryan 773-834-8994
Office for Shared Resource Facilities No Mecyssine Joseph 773-834-8285
Office of Research Services No Mecyssine Joseph 773-834-8285
Ophthalmology and Visual Science Yes Landek Ryan 773-834-5874 On Request only
Organismal Biology and Anatomy Unknown
Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine Yes Landek Ryan 773-834-5874 Only Monthly Employees
Pathology Unknown Landek Ryan 773-834-5874
Pediatrics No
Pharmacology and Physiology Unknown Hasnain Sheheryar 773-702-9851 
Pritzker School of Medicine Unknown
Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Unknown
Public Health Sciences Yes PHS Help 773-834-0172 On Request only
Radiation and Cellular Oncology Unknown Schuch Dakota 773-834-4984
Radiology No Malaniuk Mark 773-834-2021
Surgery Yes Landek Ryan 773-834-5874 On Request only
University of Chicago Physicians Group Yes van Os Joel 773-702-5348