BSD UChicagoBox

Do you store files? Do you share files? If so, you’ll be excited to know that UChicagoBox — a cloud-based file storage and sharing service is available to BSD departments. UChicagoBox combines powerful content management, flexible collaboration tools, and the security you need for sensitive files, all in one easy-to-use platform. Files stored on Box can be synced and accessed from several locations, including desktops, mobile devices, and laptops.

Please see the UChicagoBox Announcement Presentation for high-level information about UChicagoBox for BSD deployment.

What you need to know:

Using Other Cloud-Based File Storage Solutions – UChicagoBox is the only approved BSD cloud-based storage solution for protecting information. If using other services (e.g. Dropbox etc.) please transition to UChicagoBox. UChicagoBox is managed much like the Biological Sciences Division’s email, and is meant for work activity only. As such, we recommend that you do not store personal files on your UChicagoBox account.

Storing Sensitive Data on UChicagoBox – Box is great for many types of sensitive files, including FERPA-related data as well as HIPAA-related data. Please keep in mind that special care must be followed when handling Restricted information since improper sharing could lead to data breaches. There are special guidelines set by the UCMC Data Guardian Program found on the UCMC intranet site.

For more information about the types of data that can be stored on UChicagoBox, please review the File Storage Matrix. For handling confidential data, see University of Chicago HR Policy No. 601.

Please see the UChicagoBox Instructions for BSD document for details on how to use the Box system, as well as a step by step guide on how to secure Restricted information.

Typical Uses For UChicagoBox :

  • Use Box in place of email attachments. No more file size restrictions!
  • Grant someone temporary access to a file. Collaborate on a document, and once you finalize it, make it private again.
  • Access files from multiple locations. You can get to your files from your desktop, mobile device, or home computer.
  • Use Box to back up your files. And wave goodbye to bulky external hard drives.
  • Access your files from your desktop. You can still work without an Internet connection. Your files will sync the next time you connect.
  • Share a large group of files. Giving everyone access to several project files is simple with UChicagoBox.
  • All basic supported apps. UChicagoBox allows for integration with a variety of apps to make your storage and sharing experience even more powerful, including mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as Box for Office.
  • Department Group Folders that are co-owned by the BSD Information Security Office and the departmental data is never lost when employees leave.

Getting Started:

Claim Your Account – To claim your account, visit UChicagoBox Login and log in with your CNetID and password.

Technical Support – An entire library of support materials is available at, including videos, articles, and user forums. For more help, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 773-702-5800 (2-5800).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Eligible for Box in the BSD?

All faculty, staff and students in the BSD departments can claim an UChicagoBox account.

2. What Kind of Sensitive Data Can I Store on UChicagoBox?

UChicagoBox can be used to store student education records (FERPA) data and patient information (HIPAA), but may not be used to store Credit Card information. Anyone storing HIPAA data must follow special guidelines set by the UCMC Data Guardian Program found on the UCMC intranet site.

3. Who Should I Ask for More Information about Storing Sensitive Information on UChicagoBox?

If you are not sure, please contact the BSD Information Security Office, who will help you get your question answered.

4. How Can I Use Box Sync and Tagging to Appropriately Deal with Sensitive Data?

Please see Securing Confidential or Sensitive Files.

5. I’d Like to Get a Group Folder for My Department. How do I do that?

If you would like a department or group folder, please visit the ITServices website and submit the group folder request form located at Please include the names and contact information of the required 2 administrators for the folder.

6. Where Should I Go If I Have Questions or Problems Using UChicagoBox?

Extensive help is available at If you have specific questions about using or configuring UChicagoBox in the University environment, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

7. What apps can I use with UChicagoBox?

The following apps are approved for use with your UChicagoBox account:
• Box Capture (iOS)
• Box for Android
• Box for Android Tablet
• Box for Blackberry
• Box for iPad
• Box for iPhone
• Box for Office
• Box Edit
• Box Sync (Be sure to review Securing Confidential or Sensitive Files)

If you’d like to recommend an app for use with UChicagoBox, contact the ITS Service Desk. Please note that Restricted information may not be linked to any apps outside of the Box environment. For example, you are not permitted to link Google Docs and UChicago Box together for patient information.

8. If I leave the University, do I get to keep my UChicagoBox account?

You will lose their UChicagoBox accounts (associated with your email address) upon leaving the University. (However, if you are an alum, in addition to being faculty or staff, you will retain your account, as outlined above).
• It is your responsibility to move any required data to another storage space prior to leaving the University.
• 10 days after you leave the University, your account will stop working. You and any folder collaborators will receive an email regarding the folders you own.
• 45 days after leaving the University, your account will be deleted, along with all of its data. This includes all folders and files you’ve shared with others.

9. I try to log into UChicagoBox and keep getting rejected. Why?

You may not be eligible for UChicagoBox. Please see the UChicagoBox Failed Login FAQ.

10. How long do my files stay in Trash before they’re deleted permanently?

Files remain in Trash for 30 days. After 30 days, they are permanently deleted.

11. Who has access to my files?

You control sharing via links or invitations to collaborators. UChicago system administrators have the same level of access to your UChicagoBox account as they do for University email – the right to access files is only invoked when approved by legal officials. We recommend that you do not store personal files on your UChicagoBox account, similar to University email.

12. Can I use Box Sync for Restricted information?

It is advisable NOT to sync folders that contain Restricted information, such as patient information or human subject research. This will reduce the copying of data and the proliferation of those data onto insecure devices.

13. Do I have to encrypt my device if using the UChicagoBox system within the BSD?

Yes. The BSD generally has access to, and uses, Restricted information. All Centers, Institutes, Core and Clinical departments are required to encrypt their devices. Even some Basic Science departments have access to, or use, patient information (PHI). To ensure the data are protected in case the device is lost or stolen encryption must be used. Please see for more details on how to encrypt your device.