This page describes the actions one should take if her or his phone cannot be used, or if one gets a new device.

Lost/Broken/Replacement Device Procedure

If you lose your 2FA-enabled device, suspect that it has been stolen, or if your device no longer works, you should contact the Biological Sciences Division’s Information Security Office immediately. The BSD ISO will help you disable that device and access your account using another device or a bypass code. It is important to remember that while you should still contact BSD ISO immediately, your account will still be protected by your password in the interim.

Due to our advanced security posture, a system administrator will have to manually remove your old device from the 2FA system.

Please send your request via email to the BSD ISO Security mailbox at security@bsd.uchicago.edu.

Please provide the following information in your email so that we may quickly identify the device that is to be removed (Feel free to copy and paste the below form in your email for ease):

Please remove my lost or stolen device from the DUO 2FA system.

  • Phone Number:
  • Platform (IOS, Android, etc.):
  • Model (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, etc.):
  • BSD Account Username: