September 2023

 Cyber Security Awareness

          Protecting yourself and information from cyber security threats.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility that transcends all roles and tasks in the organization. No matter what we do or what we are called, we all have a duty to protect our digital assets and systems from cyber threats. Our job titles and duties may vary, but our responsibility in cybersecurity remains the same. This month, the BSD and UCM Information Security Offices have collaborated on our monthly newsletter to specifically share information on the September 12th launch of the newly created, unifying mission, vision, and values, specifically addressing the values aspect of the campaign and how we, the Information Security Offices, are committed to cybersecurity excellence, embrace curiosity, embody equity, how we grow together, make a difference, and take ownership of our cybersecurity responsibilities.

Commit to Excellence

Excellence is a dynamic, ever-changing skill that requires passion, dedication, and creativity. We create excellence through hard work, practice, and perseverance. So, how do we use excellence in cybersecurity? We do this by staying ahead of emerging threats, training our staff on how to follow best practices, and constantly reviewing and improving our cybersecurity measures. By following these initiatives, we are taking steps to prevent and reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents such as data breaches, phishing, malware, and other threats.

Embrace Curiosity

Curiosity is a fundamental natural human trait that has fueled explorers and thinkers alike to seek new experiences. It creates a desire to learn, understand, and ask questions to acquire knowledge and insight. It is the cure for boredom and is the pinnacle of personal growth where problem solving, and critical thinking happen. Besides personal growth and, of course, curing boredom, it is also a mindset of constant improvement. Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist, once said, “I have no special talent; I am only passionately curious.” Drawing from this inspiration, some may think that being curious about cybersecurity can lead to problems, such as “Let’s see what happens when I click on this spam e-mail link.” The field of cybersecurity approaches the natural desire to ask questions with a balanced, safe perspective. While curiosity can indeed lead to security incidents, it is also an asset in maintaining digital security. For a cybersecurity professional, curiosity drives individuals to explore and understand the intricacies of technology, which is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats. The unquenchable thirst to know what is around the next corner is crucial to protect our organization, its assets, and our customers. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and exploration, the cybersecurity field harnesses curiosity to stay ahead of cyber risks.

Embody Equity

Equity is a key value and goal in cybersecurity, but it has always been challenging to achieve. Cyber threats do not discriminate, but they often affect those who lack the knowledge or resources to protect themselves. That is why we help with a bit of education each month through this monthly newsletter, where we share useful and relevant information on cybersecurity topics. We also welcome your feedback, opinions, and suggestions for future topics, regardless of your cybersecurity experience. In addition to this newsletter, our institution also offers other opportunities and resources for everyone to enhance cybersecurity skills and awareness. For example, you can access free online courses on LinkedIn Learning here:

Grow Together

Cybersecurity is not a solo effort, but a collaborative one. Cybersecurity is a team effort that involves cooperation and communication among all stakeholders. That’s why Information Security collaborates with colleagues, partners, and customers across the institution to protect systems and digital assets. When we detect any suspicious activity, we act swiftly and decisively to ensure everyone’s security. We also share tools where possible and best practices with each other to enhance our collective defense against cyber threats. By working together, we create a safer and more secure environment for the University as a whole. If you are ever contacted by the security team, please note that we work to protect your privacy, your data, and your reputation. We are here to help you stay secure and not judge you. As cyberthreats become more sophisticated and evolve as we grow together to stay protected.

Make A Difference

We are passionate about making a difference by using our skills and expertise to help ensure that research data is secure and we maintain security. We play a pivotal role in helping to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of research data by working with our tools to review requests on new software, review suspicious activity, and actively seek trending threats. We provide guidance and support on best practices and standards for data security.

Take Ownership

We take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and outcomes. We constantly seek to improve our products, services, and processes to deliver the highest value to our customers. We also embrace learning, development, and feedback from others to grow as professionals. We listen to your feedback and implement security improvements where possible, not only to enhance the security but also the functionality of the environment. We prioritize safety and security in everything we do while following industry best practices and standards to ensure the protection of our data, systems, and customers.


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