The Secure Email Portal is an email solution that allows for the automatic encryption of email messages that are sent outside of the BSD.  This solution significantly improves email privacy, enables you to communicate confidentially with external colleagues and partners, and enhances our compliance with HIPAA requirements.

What should you know:

  • You are not permitted to forward the email to any contact other than those included in the original email
  • You can reply to the sender and others in the email.
  • The email link (Click here) will expire in 7 days. To open the email after the link expires, download the attachment “SecureMessageAtt.html” and open the attachment using a browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox.
How do you encrypt emails using Secure Email? 

1. To send encrypted emails to an external recipient (for example: Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc.) prepend #encrypt in the subject line, alongside your desired subject title.



2. The recipient will receive the email similar to the below screenshot.

How do you access a BSD encrypted email?

When BSD personnel send outbound mail (for example: to Hotmail, gmail, aol, etc.) with #encrypt in the subject line, the message is encrypted by the BSD email systems and a notification is sent to the recipient.

1.  To open the message, you must open the “SecureMessageAtt.html” attachment or click on “Click here” link as shown in the screenshot below. “Click this link…” link takes 1-2 min to generate after the message is sent. In case you get a session timeout message, wait for few minutes and click again.





2.  You will be asked to register to the secure email portal and will be asked to provide a password. Click “Continue” after populating the registration fields.












3.  Using the newly created account you will be able to authenticate, as shown below.









4.  The secure email portal decrypts the message and the message can be viewed.













5.  Click Logout when you are done.






 Additional information on Secure Email:

  1. The secure email portal allows 8 attempts before the account is locked. If your account is locked out you will receive the following message. Your account will remain locked for 1 minute.
  2. If you forgot your password, you can reset the password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” button.
  3. A hyperlink will be emailed to you, assisting in the resetting your password.
  4. You will then create a new password. A new browser window will be displayed to enter the new password.
  5. If for any reason the password reset option does not work, please send an email to BSD Service Desk at from the email account that the secure message was received.