Security Liaisons Group

BSD Security Liaisons Group (SLG)


The Biological Sciences Division (BSD) is a division of the University of Chicago dedicated to the clinical care of its patients, conducting world class research and providing exemplary education for our future medical and life science scholars and professionals. The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) is an academic medical center and teaching hospital that provides in-patient and ambulatory clinical care services to the Chicago South Side, as well as surrounding areas. UCMC is a subsidiary of the University of Chicago and partner of the BSD under the general leadership of the Dean of the Biological Sciences Division and EVP for Medical Affairs, Dr. Kenneth Polonsky and UCMC President Sharon O’Keefe, RN.

The BSD and the UCMC are dedicated to providing the best care for its patients, conducting world class research and providing the best education to its students, while supporting the core principles of the University of Chicago by ensuring open discourse and the free expression of viewpoints and beliefs.  These principles are central in considering the charge, standards and strategies that will be an outcome of this Security Liasions Group (SLG).



The purpose for this group is to discuss all things security – encompassing users, workstations, servers, and information needed to improve information security across the BSD.



This group is open to IT professionals who work for the University of Chicago, BSD, or UCM. Ideally, members should be interested in information security, have IT responsibilities and oversight in their department, or have experience in information security.

The current membership is as follows:

  • Kim Cooke, Chair
  • Bob Cain, Co-Chair
  • Plamen Martinov
  • Peter Batio
  • Chad Boland
  • Jason Boze
  • Andy Brook
  • Jason Colyar
  • Niall Connellan
  • Tyler DeNormandie
  • Ross Dworman
  • James Fitch
  • Nick Gruszauskas
  • Eric Ice-Gipson
  • Colin Kirchner
  • Ryan Landek
  • Mark Malaniuk
  • Joseph Mecyssine
  • Karl Rademacher
  • Joel Van Os
  • Louis Vierling
  • Paul Yates



The following section describes the responsibilities of the SLG.

  • Assist in the development, maintenance, and sharing of security standards and best practices.
  • Participate in pilot testing, development, and guidance for security services and tools, such as Qualys vulnerability scanning and laptop and desktop encryption.
  • Advise on priorities for information security and related compliance projects and initiatives.
  • Assist with responding to security incident reports and breaches within members’ departments/sections.



The meetings are usually held on every other Tuesday in the Medical Center from 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.  A conference bridge is also available.

The BSD Information Security Office will prepare a summary of each meeting and maintain the documentation. The meeting summary will include a list of key decisions and action items. The action items list will be updated in a timely manner.