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The following systems are currently undergoing the Security Assessment & Authorization process developed by the BSD Information Security Office. Upon accreditation and completion of the review process, systems will remain on this dashboard as part of a continuous support model provided by the SAA. Additional information regarding the SAA process can be found on the homepage here:

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System Department Description URL Review State
REDCap Center for Research Informatics REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases commonly used by researchers. The system provides tools to gather, compile, and analyze data. It is also used in administrative aspects for gathering, compiling and analyzing data. accredited_stamp
PSOM Panopto Pritzker School of Medicine System is used primarily to record didactic sessions of pre-clinical medical school (Pritzker) lectures. Other educational sessions, including 3rd-year clerkships are also recorded. Under review
ACC BillingServer1 (Rocuronium) Anesthesia & Critical Care System is used for departmental billing and reporting. Under review
ACC BillingServer2 (Mivacurium) Anesthesia & Critical Care System is used for departmental billing and reporting. Under review

Health DataLink

Center for Research Informatics

System is used to create a secure, privacy preserving linkage of electronic health record (EHR) data across multiple sites in a large US metropolitan area (Chicago, IL) for use in clinical research.

Under review
Everbridge Safety & Security Emergency communications systems in order to be able to send pages, text messages and emails out to users of the UCMC and BSD community in the case of an emergency. Will require users to sign up and register for the service. Will potentially be used for secure messaging. Under review
Google Cloud Platform Center for Research Informatics

This interaction with Google is a research initiative to develop a model to determine if we can predict adult readmissions. This innovative work, if successful, would help change how we manage these patients. If readmission models are successfully produced, they may be potentially deployed in clinical practice in the future.

Under review

Additional information regarding these systems and their security rating is available upon request from the BSD ISO via